Customized Energy Investment Consulting

Our customized investment consulting integrates structured financing strategies with a deep understanding of current electricity markets and emerging energy technologies

Effortless Surplus Cashflow

No maintenance, no effort, set it and forget it.
  • A lowered operating expense every year
  • Creates surplus cashflow without effort of creating additional revenue
  • Low Risk, Secure, and Profitable

    Stocks, bonds & portfolios can't touch the reliability of energy.
  • 3-4x investment for owner occupied investments
  • 10% IRR and 50% ROI for non profit facility investments
  • A Variety of Opportunities

    Your assets are placed on owner-occupied or non-profit institutions.

    Our systems are installed on both non-profit and owner occupied buildings. We can facilitate all needs, either investor owned, energy performance contract, or owner purchase. EnergyLink can work with every customer ensuring maximized returns through our top notch team of engineers.

    Retail complexes, office complexes, educational institutions, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, industrial manufacturers, shopping malls, retail and food vendors, shipping and receiving depots, banking establishments, medical campuses, apartment complexes, non-profit organizations

    Energy Funding Sources

    Reliable sources to backup your investment.
    • Government energy funds
      • Tax credits
      • Grants
      • Loans
      • Rebates
      • Accelerated depreciation
      • Tax exemptions
    • Participation from third party investors
    • Energy performance contracts from EnergyLink

    Typically, investments begin at $150K and up...
    most make that back in 5 years
    and create an additional 20 years of cashflow